Saturday, April 15, 2017

garden of the gods

Day trip...unschooling!  We had a good time at garden of the gods in IL.  Although it seemed to me, a lot of work casing this squirrels, that seemed to be all over the place.  I mean, one step in the wrong and bye bye.  Seems exaggerated but true!  I was a bit nervous many times.  I think hubs was truly worn out by the end, and this was the only trail we actually went on! hehehe
I know the kids had a blast.  

double birthday

 These two lovelies turned the big 5 and 9.  Whew can it really be.  9 is understandable, I don't know why, but cutie baby turning 5 is just like...WOW.  Five seems to be a monumental age for me.  I'm not sure what makes it that way, but it seems so much changes for 5 year olds.  Well for one they get to give up their nap in our house (although he still has to have one every once in a while), but really I think they just awaken to a different understanding, and maturity.  He seems to be able to reason and accept things differently.  He is all the sudden more helpful and caring about others.  You can talk to him differently and have a different kind of conversation then before.  I think 5 is good for this little guy...and this mama!  
Nine looks food on Kay too.  She is blossoming into her own person in many other ways.  I know I've said it before, but this girl ~ she's a lot of fun and quite spunky!  She has a mind of her own and loves being herself.  Truly a girl after my own heart!  All the sudden doing much better on her lessons, and taking a bit more, more seriously.  


tiny trees

Can you believe it this vest is finally done!   I only started before Christmas, but hey ~ Yay it's off the needles and on this boy!  Okay I do love that it is plain.  Although I do love the trees that normally go across the front, its such an easy quick (haha) pattern without adding the tree detail.  And being that I'm a simple kind of gal, the plainer the better.  So he loved it and didn't want to take it off, until he started sweating of course, because it is getting near 80 right now.  I do hope it still fits in fall.  The yarn was just left overs from other projects and I've never done any color switching.  I did learn my lesson on how to better and where on the vest it would be better to switch colors...not on the front...ahem.  Its okay though for it being a romp around the woods play sweater.  Isn't he just hamming it up great!!!  My little darlin boy!

Oh and that trail he's standing on was put in by hubs and the boys for biking, which is great.  It goes across the woods in the front of our property.  It has some pretty good hills for jumping, and a pretty good incline here and there. Pretty challenging for the littles and a good work out for hubs.  


Saturday, March 4, 2017


I've been reading many different things about lent, Passover, and the Sabbath lately.  We don't really celebrate or take part in these, but I am learning a lot and gleaming ideas for what I can work into our family life.  I'm rather enjoying it and have come up with some great ideas!  One of the ideas was to go through your house and get rid of 40 bags in 40 days.  You pick the size bag.  Well I don't really think I could come up with 40 bags, unless they were really small, because I purge my house regularly.  I don't like to much "stuff and things" and I hate clutter!  Anyway so here's this idea and how I modified it to fit me is...I decided to go through one or two areas in the house a day or a couple times a week, however much time I have.  I'm just going through to organize, clean, and get rid of.  Would you believe I've only went through four areas and have a big box and two trash bags to donate already!!! Shocking I know!!! 

OK, here's what I decided to do in the bathroom, which actually affects the laundry room and ultimately my stress levels!  I purchased, on sale one towel for each person in our family, each a different color.  Everyone has their own hook in the bathroom for their towel.  I kept one "floor" towel to step out on.  I got rid of all the other towels, except a few for lake use or spills and such, but those are not kept in the bathroom where they can just be pulled out and dirtied.  They are put up in special mom place.  So now, no more 4 to 5 loads of towels a week.  Seriously this is not an exaggeration, this has been the reality in my home.  Crazy!!!  I will wash one load of towels a week and everyone is responsible for where their towel is, making sure it is dried out between uses and hung back up.  I went through all the shelves and under the sink, threw away lots, got rid of a bit, and organized what I kept. 

This is my thought for the next couple bring peace to my life I have to not have so much to keep up with.  It does feel like a lot to work on, especially when you have a lot of people and a lot of things to be doing.  But I know if I dedicate just a couple weeks and a couple areas at a time, it won't be as overwhelming like it normally is, when I turn the house upside down to purge. :)  So far not overwhelming and I'm feeling so much better!  What a load of my mind to be free of all that towel laundry!  I  actually felt like a part of my on the inside was opened up to breath deeper! 

Purging is good for the soul!


wrapping up February

I  would not consider myself a person that could handle doing yoga, mainly because I don't have the feelings of being able to "focus" or "meditate" on "nothing" for a period of time while I'm "holding" a pose. :)  But I have been experiencing extremes bouts of fatigue, and with these feeling decided I should start back exercising again.  With my other health issues regular exercise(bouncing or jumping or running causes pain.  So I was doing some research and I came across the recommended exercise for my type of physical issues would be yoga and walking.  So I have begun with ten yoga poses that you hold for 30 seconds (that's not to long) and power walking for 20 minutes.  I just do this through the week not on the far.  I believe it is really helping.  Oh yeah, I also throw in a minute plank, just because!  I actually have been enjoying it, plus one can not really focus when all their people want to join in!  I have also noticed I'm sore and I feel stronger, so it must be doing something...right?  I plan on holding the poses for longer as I go and adding to them.  

Trees have been coming down, mostly to make room for the sun to shine better on the garden.  Some trees are just scraggly or ugly and need to come down.  My goal would be to take out ALL the walnut trees and replace them with fruit and flowering ones!  The men folk have moved fencing for me to enlarge the garden area.  I won't actually be planting in the new area this year, but I will be building some raised beds in this area to use this year.  I plan on covering the whole area with card board and wood chips this fall and building some more raised beds for the following year.  I would love to do "back to Eden" gardening for the main part of the garden with the added raised beds for smaller quantities of veggies and maybe a strawberry bed!  I have to get out there and get my snow peas put in!  I planned to plant a few things indoors from seed, but I just haven't had the time.  

I had a birthday this last week!  Jer took me somewhere over night, something we haven't ever done actually.  We've gotten away here and there for things we had to attend, but never just the two of us, just because.  It was a great time!
My boys built me wooden boxes, something I've asked for for many years.  Just simple rectangular boxes made from barn wood for decoration or maybe to burn candles in.  So now I have one big and one small!

Is February really already over?  
Spring is right around the corner!